Monday, February 22, 2010

During CNY...

Wah,so faz 1week time of CNY had passed ady..
the crowded life had ended...zzz..
chu1 n chu2:i'm visited my relatives house at Klang..tat day luckily i wear short pant if nt sure heat stroke..the first few days of CNY was reli damn hot de..
chu4:nt go bai nian..went to Methodist College Kuala Lumpur to celebrate weiling's b'day..there's were 5 of us went there 2 celebrate for her which is me,ahlung,thomas,samson n kangzi...Happy B'day WeiLing!!
Chu5 till chu8:went fren's open house...tis year went to so many ppl house..include teachers house too..haha..i went to yeesiang,ahlung,ahzhu,kiensun,cheeonn,yongxiang,thomas,weelon,hankeong,Pn.Lew n Pn.Gui many angpau...haha..tis year super happy de..n we nearly berjudi at every house we visited..n i lost so many money..zzz..lost the most at yeesiang in between woh..lost dao siao ady..luckily went weelon house play poker gt some luck,win some money bac..nt much la..haha..ya,chu8 which is y'day i successfully dye my hair..haha..nw i'm a 'kam mou' ady^^

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping Spree..

Y'day went 2 n timesquare wif yeesiang,kiensun n ahzhu..
we waited till y'day cuz me,yeesiang n ahzhu gt our salary ady..YEAH!
we were suppose 2 meet at kiensun house around 9.30am de..
bt after havin my breakfast when i wanna 2 go home n get prepare..
my car's engine can't start...damn...straight call my dad..
my dad asked me 2 go to the nearest car repair shop..
luckily juz a few steps away...pheww..the mechanic then came n checked the car..
finally found out the pro...the battery box is nt as effective as it used to be..
nid 2 go 4 check luckily he started the car engine..thx god..time is running out la..
so i was late bout half an hour...
erm..kiensun said he was too tired to drive go so change yeesiang drive go lor..haha..
nw oni i noe tat is veri easy to go to de..stupid..zzz..
erm..10.40am++ no parking ady...walao..the place was packed full of ppl..
we walked into every store with fine clothing..haha..
then after we went over to timesquare which was aso packed of ppl...
walk till so 'xin fu'...timesquare bought some n bought some..finally bought all the things we wanted to buy ady...super happy de..
me n kiensun saw a pet shop which is specially selling hamsters n rabbits n their products..
kiensun said he veri sienz so he bought a syrian hamster to play wif..
i bought a male robovski hamster...haha..nw i gt three of them ady..
bt my cage..i think is too small for all of i decided 2 buy a big home 4 them..
bt my mum kinda disagree tat i'm spending so much money on them..zzz..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last day of Work..

Today is my last day of work..haha..
the feeling is juz outrageous..feel so shuang..
During my 16 days of working..i was scolded,cut,scratch n anything else..
bt at least there was laughter during my work..cuz gt yeesiang n ahzhu la..
It was joy tat brought me through the 16 days of hard,labour work..
N the reward for working these 16 RM640..
goin 2 use tis money 2 buy my stuff...finally can buy my own things wif my own money..
dunnid 2 worry bout my parents telling me out of the budget..
definately feel happy when spending my own at the same time hurtful..
haha..cuz nw oni i noe money is so hard 2 earn...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still working bt nt for long.,.

I aso dun think i will be working tis long..
bt i aso survive n hang on till nw...luckily i'm tough..haha..
erm..i think i will be working till nxt fri(5th of Feb) oni..
erm..i counted hw much my salary...
zzz...disappointing number...juz rm640 oni..
i gt a lot of things wanna 2 buy leh..zzz..scare nt enough..
so i think juz hav 2 deal with it...
cuz goin 2 prepare 4 CNY...nid 2 clean up the entire house..
include the worst room...which is my own room..zzz..
i think mayb tis year gt lots of frens goin 2 visit my house..
so hav 2 double my effort..wish me luck bah..finish Bangi works then home gt work again..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

There r 2 new members in my family..

Haha..dun misunderstand o..nt twin 2 new pets of mine..
actually i gt them last year in Dec..aso count new la.. 2 new hamsters...both aso female de(scare later too many new members if gt male)
nt scare no money 2 raise so many..tat's y i'm working nw lor..
earn money 2 get my 'darlings' a better lifestyle..haha..
erm..their names ar..abby n minnie..
lame rite?bt dun misunderstand too,if u get wat i mean..names oni..ntg else de..
lets me show u my cute 'darling' bah...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cameron Trip..16th-17th of Jan..

Sorry 4 the late update ya..
i had been working no time 2 update blog..tmr no work so today oni update de..
Last sat i went Cameron Highland for 2days 1nite trip wif my family plus learn 'qi gong' de uncles n aunties..haha..
early in the morning nid 2 wake up n prepare ady which is 4am..the bus came around 6.30am..actually is 6am nid 2 reach ady mum so nervous,so early wake us up..
after pick up kajang de ppl...nid 2 go 2 KL pick up another group from different KL branch..tat time oni realize tat the bus dun hav enough places 2 sit..left 1 person no place 2 the uncle in charge asked my bros n i,which is 3ppl fit into 2 place 2 turn aso..
bt the uncle watched us so kesian he decided 2 giv me his sit which is the first row..he will be standing plus sit at the walkway..
the first few hours of the trip gt a bit bu shuang plus sienz cuz i sendiri sit at first after i noe the aunties n uncles..the trip starting 2 sounds lik a trip 2 me..
the whole trip will be explain by i haven upload the photos be patience bah..
i will upload a.s.a.p........

Photos will be Coming Soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Y'day start working ady..
yes,i'm first ever job...
at Bandar Baru Bangi..a plastic factory there cut plastic..
salary>rm40 a day..
time>from 8am till 7pm..
tis job is super n damn tired so easily will get hurt..
my hands gt so many cuts..n my fingers r juz screaming..
the most important thing is sienz..cuz doin the same thing over n over again..
tired n still hav 2 work..i reli nid the money..haha..
so juz hav 2 be tough 2 get through it..i can do it de..
(today is juz the second day of work oni leh T.T)